6 Key Points for a Successful Automation Flow


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Marketing automation has gained more and more space among companies of all sizes. With it, it is possible to automate tasks that would be performed manually (such as sending a welcome email after registering, or a cart abandonment reminder in an e-commerce, for example). But to be successful with automation, it is necessary to organize a correct flow. Understand more about it in this post! What is automation flow The automation flow is a set of actions performed automatically by a device or system when a trigger is identified. It is very important for marketing automation, because it is through this flow that we can configure personalized actions for leads according to each one's profile, which makes lead service much more efficient and increases the chances of sales.

Imagine for a moment, a physical store. As soon as the customer enters the store, there is a flow that he will go through: being served by a specific salesperson responsible for the specific sector, listening to tips on which product may best fit his needs, placing a product Whatsapp Number List in the cart, giving up the purchase or complete this purchase at the cashier. In digital, this flow also happens. However, in an automated way. The customer enters your online store, reads about the products, spends some time on your website, puts the products in the cart and completes the sale, or ends up abandoning that cart.

All of this is identified by the automation tool and activates the custom flow to turn this cart abandonment situation into a future sale conversion! Working with automation flow In inbound marketing, we work a lot with the automation flow to provide an effective relationship with the lead. The goal is to receive a lead, feed it with relevant information for a future sale, get them to take certain actions to qualify them, and then complete the purchase. To reach the sales conversion, it is important to work 6 steps. Discover each one reply Have you ever heard the saying that “the first impression is the last impression”? Then! The autoresponder is this “first impression”, which provides a quick response and shows the lead that there is someone there to guarantee their service.


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