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This method will help you remove empty followers from the page for free. However, the process will take a long time, depending on the number of subscribers. If you plan to clear your page on a specific day, we do not recommend that you sign up and like other people s posts on the same day. Spam Guard A specialized service for cleaning accounts on Instagram. You can perform a full account wipe that will block unwanted subscriptions and user accounts bots, business accounts, etc. Important accounts can be added to exclusion lists. You can also separately.

Clean up robots. Remove from business accounts Cell Phone Number List shops, pubs, sellers, etc. The algorithm not only deletes business accounts, but also analyzes accounts as a whole. Cancel non reciprocal subscriptions. Remove inactive followers those who don t like don t write comments, etc. For each cleaning, you get an efficiency factor. And you will see how many useless accounts have been removed from your list of followers. Special spam protection will allow you to protect your accounts . The service is cloud based and does not require installation on a computer. What can prevent you from clearing your account? We figured out how to remove bots on Instagram. But what problems can arise with this? Let s find out the consequences of our business.

Without money. The functionality of the services that will help us is always paid. So if you want to save or spend nothing, you most likely won t be able to clear the page. Page loss. This point follows from the first. Saving forces you to log in through a lot of unreliable services, which means that the chance of losing access to your Instagram is very high. Of course, you won t be able to clean if you don t have internet access. The shadow of the ban. To arouse suspicion, a social network can significantly limit your reach.


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