I will be working on your seed phrases


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I will be working on your seed phrases, you can give me seed phrases that have already been processed. I work with bitcoin.
The software extracts about 300 000 addresses from one seed phrase (different wallets use different xPaths, you can check google or habr)
I check as deep as possible for 13 xPaths (13 wallets). I check up to 15 subaccounts per xPath and check also delivery addresses.
In the case of finding a balance software automatically outputs it to a clean address (giving the address where the output is going and you can in real time to observe) then on completion I send you from the address of your interest.
Also give a detailed log of the seed phrase, which xPath that was found.
Telegram https://t.me/maks0seed


dear users we are working to fixed our old store register now
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